Who must have a license? All tree care professionals practicing in Maryland must obtain a license. Without a license, they may not practice or advertise tree care services ...If you are doing tree work and need a License call us today for more info 410-284-7963!!! 

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ABC in actionWe would like you to take part in the ABC Tree Removal Specialists experience. We are Tree Removal Experts serving Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We do all of our work in a Professional and Safe manner. We offer 24 hour service. We specialize in Large Tree removal!!! No job for us is too big or too small!!! We offer Estimates as quick as the same day you call us in most cases. We offer quick, friendly, safe and professional service to all of our customers!! So take the experience and give us a call today we would be happy to help you with any job you might need us to take care of. 410-284-7963

" ABC TREE EXPERTS also offers other services.  Throughout the years in business we have made ACQUAINTANCES  with other professional services which are listed below:  

  • Asphalt-Driveway
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Decks 
  • Waterfront Live Boxes-Built on Site
  • Handyman Services etc...
  • Bobcat Services
Leave it to ABC TREE REMOVAL for all your contractor needs listed above.  We will find the right person with the right price to suite your needs. Call us for details & fees.410-284-7963
Custom Built on your pier Installed- live boxes come equipped with 3 sections- one section approx 6 ft by 4ft. for all your hard shelled crabs and two 2ft by 4ft sections for your peelers & soft shelled crabs. Also comes with stand for cutting fish or chicken necks to feed your crabs on those hungry summer days. Live boxes come with pumps installed to keep your crabs alive and in the fresh open water of your community. This year like last year crabs have been plentiful, with hand lines and hand traps. I my self can catch 2-3 bushels of crabs a week. in a causal manor. Why let the crabs go to waste?  Put them in your live box and share them with your friends and neighbors and your relatives. Boxes are made of pressure treated wood, quality pumps & artfully crafted. Don't waste time, summer does not last long. Call for prices and special orders. 

90 limited day warranty- call for details.
   What We Do?

   Here is briefly just some of the stuff that ABC Tree Removal             Specialists have to offer:

   What's New?

Who must have a license? All tree care professionals practicing in Maryland must obtain a license. Without a license, they may not practice or advertise tree care services ...

Tree Expert License needed?  For a set fee each month, you can practice as a licensed tree expert as if you have went to college, and earned a title as a tree expert yourself.  We carry the Tree Expert License and are currently starting a program for those individuals who would like to practice in this state, without having to go through all the red tape such as, college programs, testing, etc...  As long as you meet the insurance requirements and are knowledgeable in the proper way to trim trees or remove trees, Also most importantly must know how to place safety above anything else, then we can be of assistance to you.    For our new customers among other things we offer our assistance with knowledge of safety, being able to work in a safe environment , we also share our knowledge in the field where large trees may be removed.  We can assist new comers and point them in the right direction where cranes are involved. And in general, ideas to make the jobs go quickly and safely.   Please contact the office at 410-284-7963 for more details.  

    We offer Crane Service!!!

    We offer the best crane services available in Baltimore City, County and surrounding areas. If you have a job that no one else will touch, call us at ABC Tree. No job too big or too small!

     Our Crane Service is done on a very professional and safe manner!!!